Record Store with thousands of classic vinyl albums, CDs and musical treasures plus 150 capacity Live Music Venue, Craft Sodas.

216 N Cedar Ave,


Owatonna, Minnesota



The Music Space of Owatonna has:

In this era of digital downloads, the small town indie record shop might sound like an anachronism. In fact, record stores have always also served as:

  • Live music venues
  • Community Centers
  • Art galleries
  • Launching pads for bands and record labels.

  • Stage to present live music and entertainment in all styles and genres in an intimate listening room setting with up to 150 standing capacity for larger shows.

  • 2000 to 5000 vinyl records for sale,

  • Record Players, other supplies or equipment, CDs, other formats.

  • Performance stage hosting touring and local and regional music bands, solo singer songwriters

  • Comedians, Speakers, Rappers, Performance Artists, Authors

  • Larger audience touring bands if more space or different atmosphere will still be hosted at Jefts Hall

  • Craft sodas, energy drinks, Pop, Waters, Tea, bottled and canned beverages

  • Gathering space for small meetings or study groups

  • Band Practice and  Recording space.

Check out our inventory of thousands of vintage used vinyl records. used CDs and selected new releases.